PO Finacle Guide for New User in DOP Finacle

The following are some of the important tips for new Finacle users in DOP Finacle

1. At Very first time DOP Finacle User can Login using the Default Password which is provided by CPC. 
The Defaul Password is dop.1234
Note : By default, the Finacle Application goes to Password Change Screen, we have to change the default password to Login into DOP Finacle Application.

2. Once Login to the Finacle Application, User may invoke the menu and check the teller Cash balance. Ensure that the balance of the teller should be 0.
HTCPIAE - Teller Cash Position Inquiry
3. After the above Steps, DOP User may invoke the following Menu to do the Vault Transaction.
HTM - Transaction Maintenace
At Morning,
Debit the Teller Account  > Credit Vault (SOLID + 0406) 

4.  Now Teller (Counter) is ready to do the transactions using the DOP Finacle Menus. The Useful Menus and Operations are Given below for easy understand.

5. When Counter hours/ Transactions are Over, Once Again Check the Teller Balance Position using the below Finacle Menu.
HTM - Transaction Maintenace
At Evening,
Credit Vault (SOLID + 0406) >Debit the Teller Account  Vault Operation in Details

6. Check & Clear the Pending Transaction to reflect in LOT and to avoid blocking validation in EOD Process. 
HFTI - Financial Transaction Inquiry
We can filter the transactions, using the Entered/Posted/Verified. In this we have to verify Entered & Posted Transactions to reflects in LOT.

7. Non Financial Transaction Should be Verified In this Stage using the DOP Finacle Menu called HAFI. Using the above Menu, we can Check the pending of Account Opened / Modified / Closed. Non Financial Transactions does not affect EOD Process But should be verified to avoid OMs from SBCO.

7. The LOT, Consolidation and other reports can be taken by invoking the following DOP Finacle Menus.
HFINRPT - Finacle Reports to Generate Report
HPR - Print reports to take Printouts
 8. Finally, Invoke DOP Finacle Menu HFINRPT then Go to Page No.3 then Select SI.No.32 EOD Blocking Validation Report.
Now Everything is Over and Supervisor Should invoke the Menu Called HSCOD to do the first step of EOD. Other two Steps will be Completed in Centrally by CPC.
  1. Execute HSCOD (the 1st step of EOD). 
  2. Run HSSI to see status of HSCOD. If screen as under appears on executing HSSI, then HSCOD has been completed.
SOL Status
Closure Date
BOD Date
Last Successful SOL Closure Date
Next Working Date
SOL Batch Operating Date
EOD Event Status
Current date
Next date
Current date
Day after next date
Not Closed