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CBS Auditor & User Champion Training materials for smooth functioning

For smoothness in functioning of Finacle & prevention of frauds in CBS Offices, a CBS Auditor & USer champion training is organised at WCTC, Kolhapur from 22/06/2016 for the SSP/ASP/ IP & SBCO Staff. 

Compiled by
Smt. Swati Ashok Kumbhar, Trainer WCTC, Kolhapur, MH 416003.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Taking of Fraud prevention measures-Debit Freeze to 0340 etc

In continuation of earlier fraud prevention measures taken vide SB Order 5/2016 along with its Addendum, the competent authority has decided to take the following further measures:-
  • Complete Debit Freeze to office account 0340. No withdrawal/debit transactions can be done from this office account; wherever posting of accounts closed by BO are to be posted, the repayment account ID should be changed to office account 0339.
  • At the time of closure of any account, if payment is to be made by Postmaster Cheque, then repayment account ID should be entered as 0340 account.
  • Arrears/GPF or any payments to be made to serving employees with the approval of competent authority should be made from the Salary Account 0409 and not from 0340.
  • All other Government Subsidies should be done from the DBT Account 0410.
If customer has a Savings Account in CBS Post Office, Closure proceeds of all RD/TD/MIS/NSC/KVP/SCSS accounts, can be credited to customer's Savings Account by selecting 'Transfer' mode, but the Savings Account and any of the RD/TD/MIS/NSC/KVP/SCSS Account should be under same CIF or there should be a match between at least one of the CIFs if there is a joint account. In case of CIF Mismatch error, please first merge both the CIFs after due verification if required and then proceed for closure. 

During account opening & account modification of RD/TD/MIS/NSC/KVP/SCSS accounts, before entering customer's Savings account as repayment account or Repayment of interest credit account, user has to ensure that only SB account which has the same CIF as the TDA type account can be linked. In case of error, both the CIFs of same depositor have to be first merged by doing due verification.

No Intersol withdrawal transaction of more than Rs.25,000/- at the counter either through cash or transfer of through POSB Cheque (except for new investment) should be allowed. This validation is being placed in Finacle also.

Please circulate these changes/measures to all CBS Post Offices urgently.

With regards,
Sachin Kishore Director (CBS) Sansad Marg, Dak Bhavan

IPPB to start hiring activity as it gets nod from MCA

NEW DELHI: The Registrar of Companies under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has incorporated the India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Limited that will allow IPPB to start critical operations such as recruitment of banking professionals ahead of its services commencement from March 2017.

IPPB is expected to start operations with a capital expenditure of Rs 800 crore under the Department of Posts (DoP) and plans to set up 50 branches initially which would be expanded to 650 by September 2017.

The move will allow the government to fill in key positions for running IPPB. 

The Board's constitution will include five independent directors (51%) and four (49%) in-house representatives from the government, including DoP, a top government official earlier said.

The DoP is also working on to employ as many as 2,000 individuals across multiple roles that will include Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and branch managers through the Banks Board Bureau (BBB).

The Department of Financial Services is, however, acting as a nodal agency for the setting up of IPPB.

Through 1.55 lakh post offices which will also act as an extension for payments bank services together with 650 full-fledged branches, the government aims to bring financial inclusion for the unbanked.

IPPB is poised to create a national payments architecture riding on a modern payments platform and ubiquitous information and communication technologies that can be accessed by all users and service providers like never before, the department in a statement said.

How to verify account opened wrongly in Supervisor of Single Hand Post office

How to verify account opened wrongly in Supervisor of Single Hand office

As you know there are huge rush and a lot of work in single hand post office. Only one person has to perform all the activity and schedule work of office. It is human tendency that any mistake may be happened in this situation

Now the situation is that one account is wrongly opened in supervisor. He try to verify the account in super but an error "The same user can not be verified this record" as like below screen shoot is coming.

CPA can't be verify it due to non available of verification menu. In this condition the following two method are taken. We take an example of RD account wrongly opened in Supervisor.

First Method:-

First Login with CPA
Menu Shortcut - CRDOAACM (Modification Before Verification)
A/c ID -
Don't Change anything. Just click on Submit button
Now Login with Super
Menu Shortcut - CRDOAACV
A/c ID -
This theory will apply to all type of account. First do modification before verification then verify.

Second Tough Method:-

  • Email to your CPA for assign temporary role of supervisor to your CPA.
  • Then verify account.
  • Request again to remove temporary role of supervisor to your CPA
  • In this process minimum 1-2 Hrs may be spend.So choose first method which is easier. This will be done at all offices where one supervisor exist.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

KYC Norms for India Post Payment Bank

KYC Norms for India Post Payment Bank

Just a few months before the new crop of payment banks start their operations, their chiefs are a worried lot. 

The banking regulator's ask in terms of meeting the Know Your Customer (KYC) norms has put them at par with traditional banks, and firms are concerned that the preference for "paper-based" KYC will be a cost-intensive and time-consuming exercise — and therefore a major impediment to the growth of the new age banks. 
Paytm payment bank's CEO Shinjini Kumar told ET that the industry is very "aggrieved" with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) asking all entities to adhere to the centralised KYC system instead of just relying on the Aadhaar-based eKYC for payment banks. "We are grappling with that problem right now and we are talking to different people. We are hoping that there will be some understanding. Anyway our accounts are capped at Rs 1,00,000. There should be no reason why eKYC should not be the only way to do KYC. It is also digital and more authentic." 

Chiefs of Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank, Sudhakar Ramasubramanian and Vodafone M-pesa payments bank Suresh Sethi also aired similar concerns to ET. They argue that payment banks do not have the same manpower to collect paper-based KYC like traditional banks and given that they are capped at a balance Rs 1,00,000, they do not share the same amount of risk. While RBI had earlier accepted eKYC as a means for customer authentication at the time of opening accounts, the new norms mandate a common KYC across all financial services entities for which detailed KYC is required to be collected and uploaded as a paper form to a central KYC repository — Central Registry of Securitisation Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest of India, or CERSAI. 

The idea is to streamline the KYC process and avoid duplication of KYC for customers at multiple agencies. But, for payment banks to be cast under the same net, it means that instead of just relying on the biometric based eKYC they will have to collect more details of their customers and upload them to the central registry. Sudhakar who is the CEO (designate), of Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank said that in the case of payment banks a phased approach towards KYC will be better received since the whole idea behind the payment banks is towards financial inclusion. 

"If we have too many restrictions for someone who keeps Rs 5,000 in the account, it could prevent many of the unbanked from experiencing the benefits of financial services. KYC norms can be applied in a layered manner as the customer's balance and transactions increase," he said. 

Digital KYC will help ease the "entry barrier" for such people along with being a more authentic means of KYC than a physical KYC. "Currently, over 90% of all retail transactions are through cash in the country, if these transactions have to be converted into the electronic format, banking will have to be relived from some of these troubles," he added.

Source : The Economic Times

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Erroneous credit of MIS/TD/SCSS interest into MIS/TD/SCSS account itself in Finacle

Erroneous credit of MIS/TD/SCSS interest into MIS/TD/SCSS account itself in Finacle

At the time of Interest payment of MIS/TD/SCSS, If we fill in Cr. side MIS/TD/SCSS wrongly, it will add into Principle amount of Account. Hence principle amount goes increase. See the below screen shoot of its example.

A user is wrongly filled the TD account in Cr. side and the result interest amount Rs.1928 is added into principle amount. He closed the amount but still Rs. 1928 is showing in this account

Solution :- Please inform your CPC with following details.
Amount -
Office Account (MIS/TD/SCSS) -
Date -
CPC raise the request to CEPT for making a standing instruction to reversal for this transaction.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

India Post to offer Net banking facility soon

India Post is on a technology upgradation mode to provide a host of financial services to the public, besides strengthening its hold on the logistics sector.

As part of its strategy to get closer to people and make India Post one stop shop for logistics and financial services, including banking and insurance, it plans to provide internet banking facility shortly, reveals its Senior superintendent of Ongole postal division T.A.V. Sarma.

“The online banking facility is presently available to its agents who can generate token number on their own online and transact on behalf of their customers,” he says in a conversation with The Hindu here.

“The facility will be provided to all account holders in a month or two after setting right teething troubles so that the account holders can log into and transact without any hassles,” he adds.

In Ongole division, all the 98 post offices have migrated to the Core Banking Solutions (CBS) to offer a host of insurance products and banking services real-time, he explains.

All savings bank account holders will be provided with Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards to avoid the unpleasant practice of standing in long queues to transact, he says.

All post offices in the division are provided with sufficient number of ATM cards to cover pensioners and other savings bank account holders and make ATMs the preferred mode of transaction by customers from any India post ATMs from anywhere in the country.

Negotiations are on at the highest level for setting up Post Bank of India and also enable its account holders to withdraw money from any public or private bank ATMs soon with ATM cards issued by the department, he says.

The department has so far set up five ATMs in the division. “More ATMs will be rolled out in the coming months,” he says.

Customers can now track the postal articles from the time of booking to delivery by just giving the details of the mobile numbers of themselves and that of the receivers.

Purchasing stamps online

They can also purchase stamps online from the e-post office by registering on the portal and also download android app to transact with their mobile phones.

Procedure To Issue Duplicate ATM Card

Procedure To Issue Duplicate ATM Card in DOP Finacle 

  • Generally in DOP for POSB customer we have started issuing the ATM cards.
  • ATM cards in DOP are of 2 types they are Instant cards and Personalized cards.
  • Instant cards will be supplied by CPC Bangalore to the respective post office then the respective post office can be issued directly using the menu CCMM menu.

Click Here for the Step by Step Procedure to Issue Instant Card.
  • Personalized cards will be requested at the Post office level using the menu CCMM in the counter PA and verify. Then the Personalized ATM card will be dispatched to the address of the customer hence make sure address details are correct in CMRC with in 10 days from the request.
  • There are some norms in DOP to issue we have to follow the following requirements before requesting for an ATM card in DOP Finacle they are listed below.
1. Minimum balance in the POSB account should be Rs 50/-.
2. Name of the customer should be maximum of 21 characters and there should not be any special characters hence check thoroughly in CMRC menu.If it wrong modify the name of the customer in CMRC and HAALM menus at CIF and Account level respectively.
3. CIF id should be updated with latest address in CMRC and verify the same.


Now if the customer approached the post office that he/she lost ATM card number and requesting for a new ATM card (Duplicate card) then we have to follow the below mentioned step by step procedure in DOP Finacle.

Step by Step Procedure to request new PIN number 

  • Generally for all the ATM related modifications we use the menu CCMM in DOP Finacle
  • Invoke the menu CCMM in the counter PA login then the system will show the below screen as shown

  • In the next screen enter the following details
1. Select the function as "MODIFY"
2. Enter the CIF id of the customer in the column CIF ID _____________________
3. Enter the ATM card number in the field Card Number ___________ as shown in the below figure
  • Then click on GO then the system will show the customer details as mentioned in the below screen shot
From the above screen shot it is clear system is showing all the details such as Account number, name of the customer,kit number,card number,card type and status of the card.
  • Then click on the field action then the system will show the list of options available.
  • From the above list select the Action field as "Hot Listing and Replacing " from the list of options shown in the above screen shot.

  • Then finally submit then the system will display the message customer records modified successfully. Hence counter PA work will be completed
  • Finally we have to verify in the supervisor login using the menu CCMM.
  • Within 10 days from the request CPC Bangalore will dispatch the New ATM card to customer address and PIN number to the respective post office. Finally hand over the new PIN number by taking the signature in the register.

Some of the important clarifications regarding POSB ATM cards in DOP :-

  1. POSB cards should not be issued to Illiterate customers as per the instructions of Directorate in DOP Finacle.
  2. Multiple cards should not be issued to multiple accounts of same customer i..e, same card should be linked to multiple accounts. This scenario will aride when a pensioner having pension account and general account then we have to issue only one ATM card for both the accounts using the Action as "LINK" in CCMM.
  3. Multiple cards can be issued for Joint B customer for suppose if the account is having 2 customers with 2 different CIF ids then we can issue 2 cards using the menu CCMM for 2 CIF ids in DOP Finacle.
  4. For joint A accounts ATM cannot be issued in DOP Finacle.
  5. For minor accounts i..e, self operated accounts we can issue ATM cards.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Solution for Error while opening the APY account -“NLCC number is not maintained for the SOL”

When we try to open APY (Atal Pension Yojana account ) sometimes we will face the error - “NLCC number is not maintained for the SOL” in DOP Finacle
  •  The error screen shot will be as shown in the below figure.
From the above screen shot it is clear that system is showing the attached error as mentioned in the above statement.


  1. Actually this is not an issue but a valid error message. If that corresponding SOL is not set up for NLCC this issue will occur.
  2. Currently only the sols which are given by NSDL are set up. For rest of the sols this error message will be shown.
  3. It is mandatory that every SOL is to map to one NLCC number provided by the NSDL. For a new SOL or SOL for which APY enrollments started. NLCC and SOL Mapping upload is to be performed for all the SOLS using CAPYUP menu.


  • In order to solve the above that corresponding SOL to be mapped to one NLCC number provided by the NSDL.
  • For a new SOL or for SOL's which are not mapped to NLCC the request should be sent to your corresponding Divisional Office to map the same.
  • After mapping successfully the users can continue to open APY accounts.
  • For detailed operating procedure users can CLICK HERE

Friday, August 5, 2016

Change of Role of SBCO in the backdrop of implementation of CBS - ANNEXURE TO SB ORDER 14/2015 ADDENDUM-II



Role of SBCO in CBS environment. 

In the CBS Environment, following procedure will be followed by Post Offices and SBCO Officials for Transactions happened in CBS Post Offices:-

1. General 

1.1 As and when SOs are migrated to CBS, staff working in SOSB Branch should be reduced and re-deployed either at POSB Counters or at CPC or in the SBCO Branch for assistance in physical voucher checking.
1.2 Supervisor SBCO will identify one SBCO PA who will take vouchers bundles with consolidation from Sub Account and tally totals shown in consolidation with amount shown in SO Daily Account and SO Summary.
1.3 Handling of Agent Commission Schedules and ACG-17 by SBCO will be discontinued.ACG-17 will be preserved alongwith Agent Commission Report/schedule in the Accounts Branch of HPO and sent to PAO alongwith other schedules.
1.4 In case of RD deposits accepted through MPKBY Agents, only two copies of Agent LOT is to be taken from the agent alongwith pay-in-slip and ACG-17. One copy of Agent LOT will be kept in the office guard file and second copy Agent schedule (LOT) should be attached with the pay-in-slip and placed at the end of RD Voucher Bundle.ACG-17 is to be attached with the Agent Commission Report/schedule and sent to Accounts Branch of HO.
1.5 Account Opening Form (SB-3/AOF) where KYC documents are attached will not be transferred to SBCO alongwith Account Closure Voucher. APM/SPM should record on the closed vouchers that “ SB-3/AOF retained with KYC documents”. In case of any SB-3 or AOF with whom KYC documents are not attached (subsequently opened accounts), SB-3 or AOF is to be attached with the closed voucher and sent to SBCO. SBSO branch of HOs will send all SB-3 of SOs (migrated to CBS) to the respective SOs. In case of Accounts closed at the Post Office other than the one where account was opened, Account Transfer Form collected by the Post Office at the time of closure should be attached with the closure voucher.
1.6 In case of any adjustment if required in interest, Postmaster/Sub Postmaster will write error book and raise the issue to Head Postmaster who will raise the issue with Supervisor SBCO. In case of any adjustment related to pre-migration period, Head Postmaster will raise the issue with Divisional Head with copy of error book who will after necessary inquiry (if required), approve adjustment and send letter to SBCO Supervisor.
1.7 Postmaster/APM/SPM will be held personally responsible for all transactions happened in the Finacle Office Accounts in the post office. They should be vigilant while verifying thetransactions to see the Office Account Number used by the User.

2. Change in procedure of Sealing of Vouchers and LOT by CBS Post Offices

2.1 Post Office staff will write name of Scheme and TRAN ID in red ink on the right hand side of the voucher.
2.2 One deposit slip and one withdrawal slip will be prepared for auto-credit of MIS/SCSS/TD to Savings and Savings to RD.
2.3 One deposit slip will be prepared for the total of each type of Agent commission credited into savings accounts supported by consolidated list of commission paid.
2.4 One withdrawal slip will be prepared by SPM/APM for the POSB Cheque clearing amount ( based on the clearing amount intimated to Clearing House/HO) and print out of cheque’s images should be attached to it.
2.5 At the closing of counter hours, all vouchers should be sorted scheme-wise and TRAN ID wise. Vouchers should be tallied with LOT shown in the system by Counter PA and Supervisor.
2.6 A consolidation of the scheme should be generated and printed by all CBS post offices. Where laser printers are not available, while executing command in HFINRPT, user has to select “XLS” instead of “PDF” (which is shown by default) in the field “Output File Name”. Then report can be printed on Dot Matrix printer.
2.7 All vouchers including closed vouchers are to be sealed alongwith print out of consolidation. One copy of consolidation (scheme-wise) is to be preserved in post office in guard file to be maintained scheme-wise and date-wise. APM/SPM will sign the consolidation and write the amount in words and figures alongwith No. of Deposit/Withdrawal vouchers included in the bundle. If any manual correction is made, it should be supported by copy of error book (one copy to be attached with voucher, one copy with office copy of consolidation and one copy to be sent to Divisional Office.

3. Overview of work of SBCO

S. No. Present nature of Work After implementation of CBS Postal Manual of SB Control
1 Receipt of Returns                    1           Will  be  discontinued.  SBCO  PA  will receive Vouchers and Consolidations of SOs directly from Sub Account and APM (SB) HO Counter for HO Rule -3
2 Checking List of
Transactions [SB -60/76]
Will remain continued as at present. SBCO has to carry out prescribed checks of vouchers and LOT (to be viewed from Finacle) if there  is  any  discrepancy,  print  out  of LOT may be taken and objection should be raised. Rule – 4
3 Un-posted Items                        Not applicable                                           Rule – 6
4   Register of Non-cash transactions
SB-62 [a]/85 [a]
                      Not applicable                                           Rule – 7
5 Register of Office wise [SB-
63/RD85] Balances.
                      Not applicable                                           Rule – 8 & 10
6 Consolidated Journal of all the Schemes * Has  to  be  separately  prepared  for CBS Post Offices (if all SOs are not migrated) by SBCO for the purpose of tallying  totals  of  SOs  with  SO Summary and HO with HO Summary. Total amount has to be added below Consolidated Journal of Sanchaya Post received from SOSB and tallied with HO Cash Book. Rule – 9 *
7 i) General check of vouchers

ii) Checking of Vouchers with System Generated LOTs
i) Will be carried out as prescribed in Para 5.
ii) Will be carried out as prescribed in Para 5 for the following type of vouchers:-
(a) All Closure vouchers of all schemes.
(b)  All RD & PPF Loan disbursement vouchers.
(c)   All vouchers of Savings, PPF and SSA of the amount of Rs.20000/- and above for LSG and above offices and all vouchers of Savings, PPF and SSA in respect of other offices irrespective of any amount.
d)   All new accounts opened vouchers for the amount of Rs.5 lakh and above.
Rule – 11

8 Checking of Non-cash
Not applicable                                           Rule – 12
9 Revival of Accounts pre
Not applicable                                           Rule – 12 [3]
10 Objection Register  Will remain continued without any change. Rule – 13
11 Reporting of Minus balance      Not applicable                                           Rule – 13 [2]
12 Verification of binder balances Not applicable                                           Rule – 14
13 Checking of Annual Interest      Not applicable                                            Rule – 16
14 Preparation of Interest cum
Silent Accounts *
Report taken from Finacle is to be compiled and Only summary will be required to be sent to DAP. Rule – 16*
14.a Annual Listing balances
Not applicable.                                          Rule – 38
15 Silent Account Revival
Not applicable                                           Rule – 17 (3)
16 Un-used Cheque Foils              Continued as it is.                                     Rule – 18
17 Un-deliverable & spoilt Pass books Continued as it is.                                     Rule – 19
18 Statistical Register                    Only non financial part will be continued. Rule – 20
19 Custody and preservation of records Continued as it is (without LOT).              Rule – 25
20 Monthly progress Report           Not applicable.                                          Rule -  26
21 Checking of Agents
Commission bill
Not applicable
22 Submission of returns to AO
& DAP *
Only Statistical Register (non financial) and Interest Summary will be continued. * Rule - 40
*This will be discontinued once CSI and FSI both are rolled out in all Post Offices.

4             Mode of handling of work

1 Receipt of Vouchers                                 Physical
2 Checking List of Transactions                   In system& print out is to be taken only if there is any objection.
3 Consolidated Journal*                               In MS Excel.*
4 General check of vouchers & checking of vouchers Manual & In system
5 Objection Register                                    Manual
6 Reporting of Minus balance                      Not applicable
7 Verification of office wise balances          Not applicable
8 Checking of Annual Interest                     Not applicable
9 Preparation of Interest statement*            Only grand summary will be prepared manually/MS Excel (not in system) *
10 Annual Listing balances
Not applicable
11 Un-used Cheque Foils                              Manual
12 Un-deliverable & spoilt Pass books          Manual
13 Statistical Register*                                   Manual/MS Excel*
14 Custody and preservation of records        Manual
15 Monthly progress Report                          Not applicable
16 Checking of Agents Commission bill        Not applicable
17 Submission of returns to DAP *                Manual/MS Excel*
*This will be discontinued once CSI and FSI both are rolled out in all Post Offices.
5.        Duties of SBCO PA/Supervisor

5.1   Examination of scheme-wise consolidation received from HO and SOs.
5.2   General Check of vouchers, checking of vouchers with LOTs viewed from Finacle MIS server and checking the daily/progressive totals in the Cash Book.
5.3   Writing of Objections and maintenance of Objection Registers.
5.4   Entries of Interest Adjustments in Finacle and maintenance of Interest Adjustment Register.
5.5   Unused Cheque Foils.
5.6   Undelivered/Spoiled Passbooks.
5.7   Maintenance of Statistical Registers (non financial)
5.8   Submission of Returns
5.9   Requisition of Vouchers for Inquiry.
5.10 Safe Custody of Keys.
5.11 Preservation of Record.
5.12 To maintain Nominal Roll(MS-12) in computerized form in respect of SBCO staff.     
5.13 Any other work which may be entrusted by the Supervisor/Divisional Head/AO(ICO) and through any subsequent order issued from time to time.
5.1        Examination of scheme-wise consolidation received from HO and SOs.
5.1.1     SBCO PA
·         The designated Postal Assistant SBCO will receive Scheme-wise sealed and stitched Voucher Bundles with Consolidation placed at the top from Sub Account PA. He will generate fresh consolidation of each scheme from Finacle Production Server (HFINRPT) and compare the print out received from SOs with the system generated consolidation. Both the consolidations should be tallied with the SO Daily Account and SO Summary. Voucher Bundle of HO will be received from APM(SB) of HO Counter and amount shown in the consolidation should be tallied with the fresh consolidation generated from Finacle production Server (HFINRPT) and HO Summary.  If there is any discrepancy in both the consolidations with SO Daily Account/Summary and the same is not supported by copy of error book  or  special report, it should immediately report to Supervisor SBCO. All Voucher Bundles of each scheme will be handed over to Supervisor SBCO. It is mandatory that consolidation report should be generated from Finacle production system for reconciliation.

5.1.2   SBCO Supervisor

·          SBCO Supervisor   will examine the voucher bundles and verify that the Scheme-wise Consolidation bears signatures and designation stamp of the Supervisor (APM)/Sub Postmaster and number of vouchers written on the consolidation are tallied with number of vouchers attached with the bundle. He will countersign each consolidation and mark to   concerned  SBCO  PA  as  per  workload  and  availability  of  staff.  In  case  of  any shortcoming, he will write objection and send copy of objection to the Postmaster. Supervisor SBCO will send immediate report on the difference between consolidation sent by SO or HO and generated from the system by SBCO PA as well as SO Daily Account and SO/HO Summary to Postmaster/Divisional Head and Vigilance branch of Regional/Circle office.

5.2        General Check of vouchers, checking of vouchers with LOTs viewed from Finacle MIS server and checking the daily/ progressive totals in the Cash Book. Following checks should be exercised:-

5.2.1     SBCO Supervisor

Supervisor SBCO, before handing over consolidation and voucher bundle to SBCO PA, should prepare consolidation in MSEXCEL*  for  each scheme for  CBS Offices.  He  can  download consolidation from Finacle (in MSEXCEL)* by selecting SOL SET ID as input criteria and remove the data of SOs from where vouchers are not received on that day and add data of those SOs from where vouchers are received but these are not in the excel (due to transit). He will struck total and if all SOs and HO are in CBS, the total will be tallied with the Cash Book and progressive totals will be entered manually. If all offices are not in CBS, totals of CBS Offices should be manually entered at the end of Sanchay Post Consolidation at the end and totals are to  be tallied with cash book as usual.(where there is  no transit,  consolidation  can be generated from Finacle by entering set id as input criteria.)
*Once CSI and FSI are rolled out all over India, this activity will be discontinued.

5.2.2   SBCO PA

a) On receipt of Voucher Bundle and Consolidation, SBCO PA will carry out general check of vouchers for all the vouchers in the bundle. Following checks should be carried out as part of general check:-:-
(i)        The entries in the vouchers are complete and there are no suspicious erasures and alterations.
(ii)       The date stamp of the office has been affixed on the voucher.
(iii)       The application for withdrawal bears the signature of the depositor.
(iv)      The warrant of payment bears the signature of the Postmaster in token of having authorized the payment.
(v)       There is acquaintance of the depositor or his messenger on the warrant of payment in token of having received the amount.
(vi)      The identification of the depositor, wherever taken, is in proper form and witness has written full name and address on the Form.
(vii)      In the case of illiterate depositor, the thumb impression has been attested on both the sides of the voucher.
(viii)    Scheme name and Tran ID is written on each voucher.

b) SBCO PA will login to MIS server and generate LOT. Following checks should be carried out for the vouchers prescribed to be checked with system generated LOT:-
(i)     Whether the amount written on the Account Opening Form (AOF), Pay-in-Slip, Warrant of Payment of SB-7 or SB-7A or Account Closure Form by the post office and the depositor agrees with that shown in the system generated List Of Transactions (viewed from Finacle MIS server).

(ii)  Account number written by the depositor on the voucher tallies with the account number shown in the system generated LOT.

(iii) Transaction date  displayed at the top of LOT and Value date shown in LOT against the transaction is same and if there isa difference in both, it is supported by proper error extract or approval of competent authority (except in case of deposits through cheques of other banks). If there is any difference of more than 3 days (in other than clearing) and more than 7 days in (clearing) transactions, full transaction should be checked in Finacle through HTI and objection should be raised if required. While sending copy of the objection to Postmaster of HPO, print out of LOT/Screen Shot of HTI should be taken and attached.

(iv)      That in case of withdrawal exceeding Rs. 5000/- the signature of the depositor on the withdrawal form has been attested by two postal officials  except in Single Handed Offices (list of Single Handed offices to be taken from the Divisional Head by Supervisor SBCO).

(v)       In case of transactions by cheque, the rules relating to cheques have been observed. In case of CTS clearing, image of the cheque should be treated equivalent to the hard copy of the cheques.

SBCO PA will place his/her full signature on each voucher checked with system generated LOT. No voucher checking register should be maintained separately.

c) Supervisor SBCO (wherever posted/available) will carry out same checks as mentioned in (b) above for 5% of the vouchers (to be selected from transactions of greater than Rs.50,000/-) checked by every SBCO PA and countersign in full on these vouchers in token of having exercised prescribed checks.

5.3.       Writing of Objections and maintenance of Objection Registers.

5.3.1   Any irregularity noticed will be entered in clear and concise words in the Objection Register and copy of objection should be sent to Postmaster of HPO supported by printed copy of LOT/Finacle screen.
5.3.2   If the irregularity relating to a transaction is such as would affect its validity e.g., if there is erasure or overwriting or the depositor's acquaintance is wanting, the amount involved should be placed under objection. Vouchers once received by the Control Organization should not be given back to the Head Office.
5.3.3   Every irregularity should be brought to the notice of the Postmaster for necessary action.
5.3.4   Supervisor SBCO will write to Head of Postal division in case of those objections where inquiry is required and those which are not settled within 30 days.
5.4       Entries   of   Interest   Adjustments   in   Finacle   and   maintenance   of   Interest Adjustment Register.
5.4.1   Supervisor SBCO will maintain Interest Adjustment Register manually and execute Interest Adjustments in Finacle through HIARM menu after getting approval from the competent authority.
5.4.2   Details  of  interest  adjustments  will  be  communicated  to  PAO  (DAP)  with  copy  to AO(ICO) on monthly basis.
5.5      Unused Cheque Foils
5.5.1   If the depositor of the cheque account closes his account or ceases to avail of the cheque facilities, the Postmaster will take over from him the cheque book containing unused  cheques.  Counter  Supervisor  will  cancel  each  cheque  under  his  dated signatures and designation stamp.
5.5.2   At the close of the day the Postmaster will transfer the partly used cheque books to the Control Organization duly entered in the voucher list.
5.5.3   The Supervisor SBCO will verify that all unused cheque foils have been cancelled by Counter Supervisor and keep them in his personal custody. In case of any missing cancellation, Supervisor will cancel the cheque under his own signatures.
5.5.4   The Control Organization will enter the particulars of unused cheques in a manuscript register in the following form after noting the date of receipt on the top. The serial number of the register will be in an annual series starting from No. 1 in April.
5.5.5   These cheque leaves should be destroyed during inspection of AO(ICO) in his presence.
5.6  Undelivered/Spoiled Passbooks/Will Follow items
5.6.1   As and when a fresh pass book is issued in lieu of a spoilt one, spoilt pass book will be transferred by the Head Office to the Control Organization duly entered in the Savings Bank voucher list.
5.6.2    The  Control  Organization  will  enter  the  particulars  of  the  spoilt  pass  books  in  a manuscript register in the following form.
5.6.3   The Serial No. in the register will be in an annual series starting from No. 1 in April. The pass books will be kept in an almirah in the personal custody of the Supervisor
5.6.4   If for any reason, a voucher does not accompany the list/of transactions, the remark "will follow" must have been noted by the head office against the relevant entry.
5.6.5   In case such a remark has not been noted by the head office, the official should bring this to the notice of the Postmaster immediately without damaging the seal on the bundle of vouchers.
5.6.6   An  entry should  also  be  made  in  the  "Register  of  vouchers  not  received"  in  form prescribed (Annexure 3 of Rule 4 of Postal Manual of SB Control) and the Serial number of the entry in the register should be noted against the relevant account number in the list of transactions .
5.7      Statistical Registers (Non Financial)
5.7.1   The Supervisor/PA Supervisor Control Organization, at the end of each month will generate Statistical report with HO SOL Set ID (non financial) from Finacle MIS server. If all Post Offices under HO are on CBS, copy of the report should be sent to PAO and AO(ICO) and if some offices are in CBS, totals of this report should be added while sending Statistical Report to PAO(DAP).
5.7.2    Note:- Non- financial means statistical information of number of accounts and number of transactions etc.

5.8      Submission of Returns*
Sl. No. Particular of return Office to which due Due date
Copy of the statistical
register (non financial if all Post Offices in CBS)
Postal Accounts
By the 10th of the following month
Report of Silent
( to be taken from Finacle Application)
PAO                                   By the 10th of the following month
Annual Interest
PAO & AO(ICO)                      In the month of April.

* Once CSI Data Warehousing solution will be in place and DAPs/AO(ICO) are also online, these reports need not to be sent by SBCO as these reports can be viewed  on line byDAP/AO(ICO).
5.9      Requisition of Vouchers for Inquiry
5.9.1   May be given to the Divisional Supdt/Postmaster under receipt.
5.9.2   Requisition be signed personally by the Divisional Supdt/Postmaster.
5.9.3   If any voucher is required for investigation by the police, the police should send the application to the Head of the Postal Circle.
5.9.4    keeping an a nested copy of the voucher in its place, the voucher should be delivered to the Police authorities after getting the copy of the voucher attested by the officer concerned.
5.9.5   The voucher/document should be sent by insured post when it cannot be conveniently transferred by hand under receipt.
5.9.6   Record of the vouchers given be maintained in a separate register and case pursued by the C.O. to obtain back the voucher/document.
5.9.7   When the voucher/document is received back, it is kept in its proper place by the in charge SBCO The requisition slip and the attested copy will be removed and kept in a separate file. The bundle will be again resealed.
5.9.8   The vouchers/documents required to be preserved in connection with fraud cases will be made over to the Divisional Supdt till the finalization of case and need not be preserved by the SBCO.
Note:- It is not open to Postmasters, Inspectors, etc. to see in person or to call back any record or document except on a written requisition. Whenever any voucher or document is required by these officers, the same may be obtained on a written requisition only.
5.10    Safe custody of Keys,
5.10.1 The duplicate keys of steel almirahs, etc. supplied to S.B.C.O. will be kept by the A.O.ICO(SB) in his personal custody.
5.10.2 The Supervisor SBCO will send all the duplicate keys by parcel post registered and insured for Rs. 100 to the A.O.ICO(SB) after entering  their number in a list to be prepared in triplicate.
5.10.3  When  the  original  key  is  lost  by  the  SBCO  the  matter  will  be  reported  to  the A.O.ICO(SB) who will authorize the issue of duplicate key. The A.O. will make necessary entries in the register and attest them.
5.10.4 The duplicate key will be sent by parcel post registered and insured for Rs.100.

5.11                Preservation of Record
(i)   Vouchers with Consolidation           -         5  YEARS
(ii)   Consolidated Journal                       -         1 YEAR
(iii)  Undeliverable Passbooks                -         1  YEAR
(iv)  Statistical Register                           -         3 YEARS
(v)  Objection Register                       -       2 Years after settlement of all objections.
(vi)  Interest Adjustment Register           -          5 Years.
5.12   To maintain Nominal Roll(MS-12) in computerized form in respect of SBCO staff.
Supervisor SBCO shall maintain Nominal Roll in respect of SBCO staff in computerized form in the format of MS-12 which will be checked by all visiting/Inspection Authorities during visit/Inspection.

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