How to find unverified CIF in DOP Finacle

Invoke menu CCRC
Function : Verify
Enter the CIF ID : First 4 digits of any CIF created that day
Click on Verify
Click TAB 2 times
Then click ENTER
A list of unverified CIF will be displayed

List of office accounts which are not to be used in DOP Finacle

The office accounts listed below are blocked for transactions. Please instruct the SOLs strictly not to use these accounts in any transactions, as this would create blocking validations during EOD. These accounts, if entered in transaction menus, will show error; but it was noticed yesterday that these account numbers are being wrongly used in loan disbursement/account opening menus/TTUM uploads which resulted in blocking EOD.
Frequently used account numbers are highlighted in the list for easy reference. 

If any transaction has been done today in any of these accounts, please inform EOD team in a separate mail immediately for necessary action.
[SOLID] + 0002
[SOLID] + 0008
[SOLID] + 0009
[SOLID] + 0010
[SOLID] + 0014
[SOLID] + 0018
[SOLID] + 0020
[SOLID] + 0023
[SOLID] + 0024
[SOLID] + 0082
[SOLID] + 0083
[SOLID] + 0091
[SOLID] + 0099
[SOLID] + 0100
[SOLID] + 0105
[SOLID] + 0106
[SOLID] + 0111
[SOLID] + 0112
[SOLID] + 0113
[SOLID] + 0114
[SOLID] + 0123
[SOLID] + 0124
[SOLID] + 0126
[SOLID] + 0127
[SOLID] + 0128
[SOLID] + 0193
[SOLID] + 0212
[SOLID] + 0253
[SOLID] + 0255
[SOLID] + 0256
[SOLID] + 0257
[SOLID] + 0263
[SOLID] + 0264
[SOLID] + 0265
[SOLID] + 0319
[SOLID] + 0323
[SOLID] + 0326
[SOLID] + 0331
[SOLID] + 0336
[SOLID] + 0383
[SOLID] + 0387
[SOLID] + 0418
[SOLID] + 0454
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FSI CBS server maintenance activity on 02/09/2017 & 03/09/2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is regarding the FSI CBS server maintenance activity on 02/09/2017 & 03/09/2017.

Please find below mail from Infosys

There is no maintenance activity on 02-Sep.

On 03-Sep, we will do weekly preventive maintenance activity between 0600hrs to 1000hrs. During the period, Finacle application will not be accessible.

Kindly inform to POs/CPCs accordingly.

POs may be suitably informed.

Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002

Usage of new TD sundry accounts & DBT account(0410) in DOP Finacle

The following changes have been implemented as part of GL Integration.

1) Currently Office account (Sol ID + 0335) is used for TD Interest payments irrespective of Term (1 Yr, 2Yr, 3 Yr or 5 Yr). As part GL Integration, 4 new Sundry TD accounts have been created. TD Interest falling due from 01/09/2017 will get credited to the following office accounts instead of 0335.
Post offices may be instructed to use above offices accounts for withdrawing TD interest falling due from 01/09/2017onwards. For interest posted till 31/08/2017, office account 0335 to be used.

Above instructions may kindly be circulated to Post offices immediately.

2) 0410 (DBT Upload) office account is used for DBT Uploads through HTTUM at Head Office . It is seen that this office account is used at Sub Office also. This office account could not be accessed at Sub Offices henceforth. POs may be suitably informed.

Survey on performance of Finacle CBS Application in Post Offices

Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs and AOICO inspection on HO/SBCO

Inspection Questionnaire for CBS HOs/SOs and AO ICO (SB) inspection on HO/SBCO

(Click the link below to view)

Points to be taken care in Finacle to avoid AML/CFT Alerts

Points to be taken care in Finacle to avoid AML/CFT Alerts
  • Any wrong Deposit/Withdrawal entry made in Finacle should be reversed with the reversal code REVRS with value date as the date of wrong transaction. If same is not taken care Finacle will consider Deposit/ Withdrawal as fresh transaction and if transaction is High value transaction, same will appear in AML/CFT alert.
  • If any amount is wrongly credited or debited from customer’s account then full amount should be reversed instead of partial amount. (i.e. If 10,00,000 is credited instead of 1,00,000 than full amount of 10,00,000 should be reversed using REVRS code and then fresh deposit of 1,00,000 should be made. Reversal of 9,00,000 should not be made) If partial reversal if done then it will not consider it as reversal and High Value Deposit/ Withdrawal will reflect in AML/CFT alerts.
  • If any customer wants to credit closure amount of any closed account to his saving account, same should be entered at the time of closure in Repayment account. Many offices are in practice of closing account with Repayment account as SOL ID+ 0340 and after closure they will credit the amount of closure to customer’s saving account using CTM menu as cash deposit. Such deposits will appear in AML/CFT alerts as excess cash deposit but actually it is transfer entry of account closure.
  • For all Inward and Outward cheques, proper cheque clearing process as per CBS FAQ should be followed, in no case direct Deposit or Withdrawal should be made from customer’s saving account against cheque clearing. Such transactions will be reflected in AML/CFT alerts.
  • Any customer wish to withdraw amount of more than 50,000 from his Saving Account, PAN card of customer should be obtained and linked to CIF and Account. If high value withdrawal is made from customer’s account without PAN Card same will be appear in AML/CFT alerts.
  • Multiple Cash Deposit/Withdrawal transactions in any account in single day will come to AML/CFT alerts.
  • CIF of customers should be updated with proper KYC documents and with customer details. CIF IDs with improper details will come to AML/CFT alerts.
  • Any retirement benefits or Salary should not be deposited to customer’s account in cash. It should be credited through TTUM file only. If such deposits are made in cash, same will appear in AML/CFT alerts.