Very important instructions for all DOP finacle users for CSI roll out

  1. Clear the inventory from all users by moving the inventory from Employee location to DL-DL by using menu HIMC.
  2. Always keep the inventory in DL-DL, if any emergency inventory movement required at counters please move only required inventory from DL-DL to Employee after that immediately ensure that inventory should be NIL in all users by the time of EOD. Pl use menu HIIA to check whether inventory exist or not .
  3. All Teller balances must be ZERO before EOD .
  4. Please instruct all users to log in into Finacle application and check that the userids should be in active status. All Non-active Finalce userids will be deleted on the day of CSI Roll out.


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Making Teller balances as ZERO - Important instructions by DD,CEPT, Chennai

As per SB order 5/2016 point number 06 and 23, identifie designated PA has to check the Teller balancces daily. The procedure mentioned below is for further guidance to all Regions

Point number 23:- Teller Cash Account of each Single/Double HandedSO should be checked at HO by a designated PA to ensure that balancehas been made as 0 (Zero)

Pl follow the below procedure :-

1. Identifed PA has to log-in in FinalceMIS URL and use menu HACSP
2. give SOLID/SETID :- Pl enter HO SETID or particulars SOL ID
3. General Ledger Sub Head Code :- 10002
4. Account balance type :- Debit balance
5. Future balance :- NO
6. Submit
By following the above procedure at the end of the day user can check that all teller a/c balances should be ZERO. If any teller a/c showingbalance at the end of the day the same may be reported to concerned Divisional Office for further course of action against the tellers.

Note:- The procedure has to follow after completion of Business hours only.

Pl find the DD, CEPT instructions in this connection.

Respected Sir(s) / Madam(s),
A kind reference is invited to CEPT email dated 22nd March 2017. A cut-off date of 15thApril 2017 is fixed to make all teller cash “Zero”.

Critical parameter check is proposed to be introduced from 16th April 2017:

A validation is set as a parameter to check before HISCOD is completed Those offices, where the users are having balance in teller account will not be able to close their offices Respective CPCs will not be able to run HSCOD if this validation fails.Hence, it is once again requested that severe and critical instructions may kindly be issued to all concerned and SPOCS to ensure that telleraccount of all users (including those who are not part of CBS wherever they are working) are made ZERO before 15th April 2017

All necessary support would be extended to address the problems in POs

With effect from 16th April 2017, the validation to check as to whether the telleraccount of those users attached to the SOLs are ZERO before completing HISCOD will be introduced.

As part of vigilance initiative and prevention of frauds, this has the approval of FS division

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Instructions regarding printing of LOTs at CBS Post Offices and SBCO

The PMG, Sambalpur / Berhampur Region
All SSPOs / SPOs, Odisha Circle

No. PMU/1-14/2015 Dated at Bhubaneswar the 11.04.2017
Sub: Instructions regarding printing of LOTs at CBS Post Offices and SBCO. 
As per SB Rule 14/2015 and its Addendum, the Post Offices are required to generate and print scheme wise consolidation reports of transactions for their record and copy to SBCO. They can view the system generated LOT for account verification without any printout. Similarly SBCO should check the vouchers with reference to the system generated LOT. Whenever a discrepancy is noticed they may take printout of the LOT for reporting purpose.
During the course of visit to different CBS Post Offices, CPMG, Odisha Circle has noticed that CBS offices are taking print out of LOTs for office record and copy to Head Post Offices. Also SBCOs are taking print out of LOTs for their voucher checking and office record. Taking unnecessary printout of LOT ends up with huge expenditure, in shape of cost of paper which can be avoided. CPMG has taken a serious view of this unnecessary expenditure and instructed all concerned to follow the rules strictly.

You are therefore requested to give this communication wide circulation across the CBS offices and make your staff aware of economic use of office stationeries.

D. K. Samal
Asst. Director (PMU)
O/O the CPMG, Orissa Circle,

Bhubaneswar – 751001​

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