TD Extend or Extension in DOP Finacle

TD account is having option at the time of opening account as "auto exend". Whenever we select no at the opening of time and later customer wants to extend further then the command HTDREN is used for Extension. HTDREN stands for Tern Deposit Renewal. The A/C can be extended after completion of 1/2/3/5 year and within 1 year completion of 1/2/3/5 year. The following step are taken for extension.

Menu Shortcut - HTDREN > GO
The following screen will appear.
Function - R-Renewal
The following Screen appears
Effective Open Date - Maturity Date
Renewal Option - P- Principal Only
Calculate Overdue Int - No
Print Renewal Confirmation - Immediate/Later
  • Click Submit Button
The Result Screen shows the account renewal successfully.

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