Procedure to create MEMO PAD in DOP Finacle

As many POs are issuing wrong kit numbers, the procedure for dealing with such complaints is given below:

(a) In CCMM menu, go to Modify function --> enter CIF ID --> and use searcher to select the card number and click on GO.

(b) In the next screen, select the last available row, then select "Action" as Closure and Submit, then get it verified from the supervisor.

(c) There after, create a new CIF ID for the same customer, link the existing SB account to the new CIF using HCCA menu (CIF Merger menu) and get it verified.

(d) After successful verification of the same, go to CCMM menu and issue the new ATM debit card by entering the new CIF ID with correct kit number supplied to your office and verify it.