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Monday, December 5, 2016

Interim ATM accounting procedure for all the ATM attached Head Post Offices

1. Responsibility of Chief/Head/Sub Post master where ATM is attached including BG GPO. The Postmaster/Treasurer should hand over the ATM fit currencies to authorized AGS Vendor and get the cash loaded into ATM in the presence of Treasurer. The Postmaster/Treasurer should ensure that, In Finacle, one of the User Champion (SA) Using HXFER menu, do a debit entry to ATM Cash account (SOL id suffixing 0006) and credit entry to Bangalore GPO’s SBI account i.e. 560001000007. This transaction needs to be verified by Finacle Supervisor. This transaction has to be done on the day of loading of ATM cash. If it is done on subsequent date, the value date should be the actual date of loading of cash.

As and when withdrawals takes place in the ATM attached to the HO, the customer Savings Bank account will be debited and ATM cash account of the respective HOs will be credited. ATM Cash Account ledger view( HACLINQ) will reflect the actual cash present in the ATM machine( debit balance). If Postmaster fails to do ATM cash loading transaction, the ATM cash Account will go to credit balance(Cr.balance), which is incorrect. Same day, the Postmaster should issue a Remittance Advice to Banglalore GPO in their Meghdooth Treasury module and scanned copy of the RA should be sent to the following email and, followed by hard copy. Cash balance of the respective HOs will accordingly reduce in their HO Summary.

2. New Guidelines for Bangalore GPO regarding ATM Transactions and accounting. 
  • Bangalore GPO, Treasury branch will receive RA issued by other HOs for ATM cash loading. Simultaneously, while receiving RA’s in Treasury module, Bangalore GPO has to check corresponding ATM cash account (SOL ID+ 0006) for debit entry in Finacle Using HACLINQ. Contra credit entry should be present in Bangalore GPOs SBI account (560001000007). If it’s not done by the respective SOLs, GPO will write to respective HO for doing this entry over mail with copy to CPC Bangalore and director (CBS). The treasurer has to incorporate the same in their books i.e. an entry in the Meghdoot Treasury Module with a denomination ATM Cash for which a separate denomination should be created in Treasury module to distinguish normal cash from ATM Cash. Once RA is received, ATM Cash balance in HO Summary of Bangalore GPO will increase. All the cash present in all the DOP ATM locations should reflect in ATM Cash Balance of Bangalore GPO(for previous days) i.e. consolidated Balance in the ATM prior to cash loading+ Consolidated RA received –consolidated ATM Withdrawals.
  • Cash loaded in Bangalore GPOs ATM alone can be shown in HO Summary of GPO by using exchange option in Treasury module between normal cash denomination and ATM cash denomination. This will increase the ATM cash balance and reduce normal cash balance. 
  • Bangalore GPO HO Summary will have consolidated balance of all the ATMs in the country with denomination ATM cash. This total has to be verified for the correctness by referring Individual ATM Cash accounts (SOL ID +0006) using HACLINQ of the previous day and total has to be arrived. Till prescribed report is generated in Finacle, daily balance of each ATM cash account can be maintained using Excel. Sum of total of all the ATM cash account debit balance should be consolidated ATM cash balance (except reversals), appearing in HO Summary of Bangalore GPO. This has to be daily arrived and then only HO summary will be deemed as tallied.
  • ATM withdrawal done at any locations of India for the previous day has to be shown under the newly created account head SB ATM Withdrawal using SB cash. ATM Cash denomination from treasury has to be sent to the respective SB Cash user and submit account has to be printed and given to treasury. Correspondingly ATM cash balance will reduce in treasury module. Same has to be confirmed by referring ATM cash accounts consolidated balance of entire India.
  • In case of account to account fund transfer done through ATM, by referring the report same has to be accounted using SB cash under the account head SB ATM Deposit and Contra SB ATM Withdrawal. Please note that this will not reduce Consolidated ATM cash balance in HO Summary of Bangalore GPO
  • In case of non automatic reversals, AGS will send TTUM File to Bangalore GPO and GPO should upload the file and account far the amount and In case of both automatic switch level reversals and manual HXFER reversals (ATM Transaction reversal done using Finacle) happened at ATM, Bangalore GPO by referring the reports (HFTI Credit Entry) has to show in their SB Cash under account head SB ATM Deposit. This amount has to be sent to treasury by ATM Cash denomination. Thereby, ATM cash balance of Bangalore GPO will increase in their HO Summary.
  • Roles and responsibilities along with distribution of work for all the branches may be decided by CPM Bangalore GPO as per guidelines given above and their convenience.


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