CIF Step 4 : Process of Merger of CIF in Finacle

Merger of CIF in Finacle

CIF Merger may be for the following reasons:

  1. When one person is having several accounts in different CIF ID
  2. On death of a single account holder the nominee or legal heir wants to continue the account of the deceased.
Menu in Finacle


Invoke the above menu in Finacle, to merge the CIF ID.

Operator Process

  1. Operator have to invoke the menu called HCCA, select the Function  M- Modify.
  2. Enter the account number to which the CIF ID is to be merged.
  3. Click on GO button using Mouse / Press F4 using Keyboard to go the next screen.
  4. Enter New CIF ID of the Customer. Click on Yes in Modify A/C Name if any changes in customer name.
  5. Select the Proper reason code then Submit using Mouse / Press F10 using Keyboard.

Supervisor Process

Merger of the CIF ID has to be verified by the Supervisor using the same menu option 


  1. Select the Function v- Verify and Enter the Account Number.
  2. Click on GO using Mouse / Press F4 Using Keyboard.
  3. Verify all the necessary fields then Click on Submit / Press F10 using Keyboard.

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